Aquaflow Technology is a technical services/contracting firm which specializes in Sewer CCTV inspection, locates, cleaning and repairs. Aquaflow deals with a variety of inspection and maintenance contracts in the municipal, commercial, institutional and residential sectors.

Aquaflow was founded in 1992 and has grown to be a medium size family run business of 10 people that is owned by Michael Lostracco, P.Eng, and Steven Lostracco P.Eng. Michael Lostracco is a Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience working as a consulting Engineer in the municipal road and sewer design sector, and then has owned Aquaflow from 1992 to present. Steven Lostracco, P.Eng. is a Civil Engineer who specialized in insitu pipe repairs in municipal engineering, has 5 years of experience working as a consulting Engineer, and has worked at Aquaflow from 2005 to present.

Our staff operate a fleet of flusher/inspection trucks in order to maintain, inspect and locate underground sewer systems.