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I was referred to Steve and the Aquaflow Technology team by a friend of mine who'd used their services and was incredibly impressed by their professionalism. I was equally impressed.

Steve showed up to diagnose and confirm my sewer drain issues - several feet of root-filled clay pipe running from my basement, under my patio in the front entrance to my home, and into the middle of the yard. After showing me several photos of the insides of my clay pipes, he assured me that he could spare me the frustration and mess of excavation, and that he could solve my problem without having to worry about issues in the future. I wasn't very excited about the idea of possibly digging up my expensive, pristine patio - and Steve told me that it absolutely wouldn't be necessary to do that.

His team showed up on time, as scheduled, every day, and the project moved exactly along the timelines he'd told me about when we started. On the first day, his plumbing contractors - Brent and Lewis - showed up, dug up my old cleanout in the basement, cut out a part of my old clay pipe, and installed a temporary access point. On the second day, Steve cut all of the roots out of the pipes, installed their seamless liner through fifty feet of old clay pipe, and reinstalled the temporary access point. On the third day, the plumbing contractors returned, installed a sewage backflow valve to prevent possible sewer backups in the future, and filled in the small hole they'd dug with new cement. Although the project was spread out over three days, it was probably less than twelve hours of total work, and my exterior landscaping didn't have to be sacrificed. My house was spotless - inside and out - at the end of each work day. The crew wore masks the entire time and were incredibly respectful of existing COVID-19 pandemic protocols.

Everyone took the time to explain what they were doing and why they were doing it. They kept us informed throughout the project, and were always very courteous.

It is absolutely without hesitation that I can recommend Steve and his hardworking team. If you're looking for a reference, I've told Steve that he can pass on my contact information to anyone who's interested, so please reach out.

Thanks, Steve, and co. for your wonderful work.

Paul Gresch
Mississauga, Ontario

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